Wedding Questionnaires


  • The very first questionnaire sent to your new couple to get to know them and create those honest and candid (real life) emotions to capture on camera with the “getting to know you” questionnaire
  • Make sure you have all your ducks in a row as well as you’re prepared with the correct information for the day with the “Wedding Prep” Questionnaire
  • Don’t miss out on testimonials, recommendations and going the extra mile to get your clients to rant and rave about you with the “How’d I do” Questionnaire
  • Full color PDFs to print and mail (who doesn’t like pretty snail mail these days) or attach to an email


Now that you have a few clients (or you hope to have a few clients all lined up) You’ll start to juggle a lot of moving parts.  The more information you can gather on your clients the better prepared you will be to take amazing photos of their love story.


What better way to get to know them and get feedback from them than to ask…But what do you ask, what will get you the answers you’re looking for.


These questionnaires can be used in soooo many ways.  From planning your blogs posts, to SEO, to getting published and marketing in new markets.  That’s right all that can be done with these 3 robust questionnaires.


Beautifully designed to make your clients feel cherished and cared for.  So don’t risk missing out on gathering the exact information you need to be completely prepared for the big day (and beyond!)

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