Wedding 101 Mini Guide Collection


Both detail guides so you will have all the tiny but hard stuff taken care of and fast.

– Knowing where to stand to get the shot at the Ceremony does not need to give you anxiety, the ceremony guide and lighting guide are both here.

– The First look guide preps you for one of the most special times your couple will share and the posing guide leads you straight into the flow of working with the bride and groom

– Get those Wedding party pics all taken care of and fast + the reception guide to get you clicking fast and enjoying cake

– The Wedding Lists guide comes with all the lists and the equipment guide could alone save you $1000s!

– All guides are in full color, come with tips, set up and lens suggestions.  Basically fully preparing you to amazing on the wedding day!


*reception video training – this training can not be purchased separately.  It’s full of tips, ideas, details and more. Walking you through a live session with a bride and groom as well as reception before guests arrive!  See it all done in real time so you know what to expect at your own wedding


In the Wedding 101 Mini Guide collection, with all 6 guides you’re seeing what a full day shooting a wedding would look like before you even arrive at the venue.  You’ll feel capable, confident and ready to rock it. Not to mention when you get the whole collection together (you get 1 free and also) you get the live video training where walk you through all of these steps in person!  This is something I wish I would have had starting off because it would have helped calm some of my nerves for sure!


After 100s of weddings I’ve compiled all the very best tips here, my do’s and don’ts to get the shot withOUT the stress!


You’ll be ready to conquer any wedding that comes your way and get the beautiful, gorgeous images your clients hired you for!

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