Meet Jen:
Author. Educator. Mom.

Today’s world is telling - no yelling - at you to do more, do better and to make it all look easy.
But you’re just trying to survive these years with littles at home while you try to keep some sort of your identity intact and oh yeah, what's for dinner?

This is the place where we're both learning to simplify, and cut out the distractions that keep us “barely above water”. This is the place where you sift through all the fluff and get down to what you need to thrive (not just survive).

Sometimes doing (and having) less
leads to living more full, let's give it a whirl!

Recovering overcommitted, scatter brained and exhausted mama. It wasn't that long ago that I was giving my 2 year old an ipad with dump trucks on youtube so I could get a shower in.  I was falling into the couch at the end of the day completely wiped out after a day of spinning my wheels and going no where...

What I realized was that I was driving through more than cooking in, chasing fad diets, running a full time business while trying to be a full time stay at home mom and living like I was just trying to keep my head above water.

hey there!

I'm Jen 

I help mamas find what's essential to them and cut out all the rest!

As my photography business (and kids) grew, I realized something had to give. I started by cutting out screens in our house (an amazing simplification hack) I got strategic with our routines and rhythms in the home and starting cutting out what wasn't essential.

It wasn’t easy but I learned a lot about cutting out and simplifying in order to use my (nap) time wisely!  From house chores, to meal prep, to healthy living, to photos, to routines and business.
Find simplification and find joy, find the life you have permission to live!

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My kids grow too fast

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The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

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Lauren Daigle

" Jen gives us the tools for lifelong memory organization and preservation. "

- Vanessa Koman
Mama of 2

It might sound dramatic, but honestly (I had) a constant sense of dread thinking of how many photos I had to organize...
The Photo Organization Plan is so easy to navigate and you get a huge sense of accomplishment with every task you cross off.

My biggest struggle was having a plan... but with POP I now have clear instructions.
 I felt accomplished going through old photos and  have a plan for moving forward.

Allison Schaaf
Mama of 2 and Founder of

"it's truly a legacy to pass down
to your family!"

Jen Brazeal

Wearer of many hats.  CEO, CFO, chef, booboo fixer, photographer, author, podcaster, wifey, daughter, believer, Zoom leader, mama, sister ... 

ceo + OWNER

Marlee Dockery

Public Relations and Assistant

If you've seen it, read it, grammed it, or heard it she's had her hands in it!  If you want to be a part of the unhurried movement this is who you'll talk to first!

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Jacqueline Hall

Part of getting the message out there and making it beautiful.  Jacqueline is also responsible for this website and a lot more!

Marketing Director

Cameron Worthy

Podcast Producer

What you hear on the podcast and what you see in Jen's courses is all thanks to this lady!

Finally declutter and simplify your photos so you can keep them safe for years to come (and your kids can remember their past!)

Let’s get your
phone pics organized
(in 5 easy steps)

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