I help mamas 
slow down and live life intentionally.



Hi There, I’m Jen Brazeal school teacher turned entrepreneur, photographer, and 6-figure business CEO (not to mention had a few kids and wrote a bestseller along the way). I also made my fair share of mistakes that I’m dying to keep you from making too. If you have or dream of having a creative business one day let me be your guide to strategic growth while keeping your life balanced.

Are you struggling with feeling overwhelmed?

  • Feeling like life is flying past?
  • Wondering if you were made for more?
  • Trying to do it all?
  • Seeking some form of balance in life ?
  • Needing some deeper sense of purpose?
  • Are you juggling one too many thing?

I’ve been there and I’m here to help.

Let me lead you to an unhurried life!



Get Consistent & Beautiful Photos with My free Lightroom Preset!

Trying to keep your photos looking uniform without getting boring? Using a preset in the FREE Lightroom mobile app is the place to start. This is my go to preset I use for nearly every photo, personal and business alike. I want to take the guesswork out of your editing and give you confidence to create beautiful photos.

The 3 Things You really Should Know About Your Nice Fancy Camera!?

Maybe it was a gift, a business purchase or a splurge, you have this piece of equipment and you’re making guesses on how to use it. Let me give you the 3 things you really need to know to go from shoulder shrug to confident and capable.

Did You Get the right Camera,
looking For the Right Camera?

Wondering how to position your business through amazing photos or even how to capture those sweet moments of your family and friends. Think it’s time to upgrade from iPhone to heavy duty, real deal fancy camera? This can be an investment in a lot of ways and your don’t want to make the wrong choice! Grab. This guide that walks you through budget, purpose and more!