I help mamas
get all the laundry done and finish their coffee, hot!



Jen here, I like long walks (with my double bob) grommet cuisine (with my crockpot) and beautiful things (phone pics of my kids)! 

In my past life I was an elementary teacher turned photographer, after my 3rd babe came into the world I switched gears again, funny how that keeps happening in life, to podcaster and online educator! 

Today I’m sharing with mama’s how to slow down, get all the laundry done and live as the best version of herself!

You know you're an overwhelmed mama when...

  • The dining room table laundry mountain is now a bed mountain too!
  • It’s 5:00 PM and dinner snuck up on you, again!
  • You found your phone in the dishwasher!
  • You’re counting down the minutes until bedtime!
  • The calendar is planned out till 2027!
  • You forgot your kid at church, ok, kid(S)

I wanna tell you, I’ve been there and I can help.

Let me lead you to an unhurried life and a chance to live the best version of yourself!



Turn your phone pics into
frame worthy works of art!

Looking for something to make your phone pics of the kids a little more special? Using a preset in the FREE Lightroom mobile app is the place to start. This is my go to preset I use for nearly every photo, personal and business alike. It takes 4 seconds and makes your “meh” playground pic something you want to hang on the wall!

Hungry? Time for dinner?

Have you ever wanted a break from planning and surfing pinterest to find your next meal?  Here it is.  Breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners for the whole week.  All the prep and planning done, so simple your kids could help. Shopping lists, full week prep-once-eat-all-week and even a few at home workouts!  Simple and Healthy!

Trying to Start the Day off Right?  Create a Morning Routine, STEP-BY-STEP

Have you tried before but it didn’t stick?  Do you need to reevaluate?  Maybe you need to create the perfect start to your day for your stage of life, not based off the one you found on pinterest (with 75 steps!).
Create your morning routine, step-by-step and start your day right(It makes a difference to the rest of the 12 hours!)