Overwhelmed with all the pics on your phone?

great news.

I help moms (just like you) organize and simplify their photos!

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let's make life simple.

Time to cut out what's dragging you down and focus on what you need to thrive!  No more 'sunset fatigue' let me walk you through simplifying your chaos.

From healthy exercises, meal prep and laundry routines I love sharing my life in hopes that it makes your life a little easier! #ittakesavillage

Ya know how you have like, 5 trillion adorbs pics on your phone?  Well I help you get them sorted and organized!  Once.and.for.all!

Morning Routine

meal prep

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The Unhurried Life Starter Kit

Not sure where to start on your journey to living an unhurried life? Not to worry! I've got what you need in my Unhurried Life Starter Kit. It's strategically designed to help you create intention and purpose in your day-to-day.


Insider Secrets to Simplify

A great way to keep the man in your life at the top of your priority list!

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40 Intentional Questions for your Hubby


tired of surfing pinterest for dinner ideas?

Here are my 10 very best and tasty recipes, tried and true (mama/kid approved).

Did I mention they take under 10 minutes each?

" Jen gives us the tools for lifelong memory organization and preservation. "

- Vanessa Koman
Mama of 2

It might sound dramatic, but honestly (I had) a constant sense of dread thinking of how many photos I had to organize...
The Photo Organization Plan is so easy to navigate and you get a huge sense of accomplishment with every task you cross off.

My biggest struggle was having a plan... but with POP I now have clear instructions.
 I felt accomplished going through old photos and  have a plan for moving forward.

Allison Schaaf
Mama of 2 and Founder of PrepDish.com

"it's truly a legacy to pass down
to your family!"

Finally declutter and simplify your photos so you can keep them safe for years to come (and your kids can remember their past!)

Let’s get your
phone pics organized
(in 5 easy steps)

photo overwhelm?

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