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Hey Mama, I've got somethin' just for you:

Guess what, I used to be an elementary teacher for years.  My mom and grandmother were both teachers too so it's safe to say, instructing is in my blood!

Getting you new knowledge and the best way to accomplish something is what I love doing, let's learn...

Need This!

Photo Organization

Each and every one of us have a story to share, but too many people have no idea where to begin when it comes to telling their story with the right photos. 
POP offers a foundation to help you share your story with those that you love (and love you) most plus teach a system for keeping family photos safe + organized!

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You carry this amazing camera around in your back pocket.  You use it to capture your whole life.  So why is it all your photos just sit on your phone, piling up?
The PHONEography course shows you how to use your phone camera in a way that transforms your snaps into print-worthy memories!

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"It's been much easier than what I anticipated ... it was actually easy and simple and I didn't feel overwhelmed!"


got her photos organized

don't just take my word for it.

"Jen is an amazing teacher with a lot of expertise and knowledge. She understands photography and how to help you discover your photographic voice."

Shawn is a mama of 3 and boutique owner


started taking beautiful iphone pics

"Jen is a very thoughtful, well spoken teacher. She has so much experience and knowledge to glean from. I was inspired by her and her drive to help others create and be successful too!"


sorted all her memories

Amanda is 

Karen is a mama of 1


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Follow Your Dreams with Jen Debrot

5 Tips to Find Your Purpose with Anna Rose

Slow Living with Andrea Lucado

Our 50th Episode!
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Follow Your Dreams with Jen Debrot

Insider Secrets to Simplify

A great way to keep the man in your life at the top of your priority list!

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40 Intentional Questions for your Hubby


tired of surfing pinterest for dinner ideas?

Here are my 10 very best and tasty recipes, tried and true (mama/kid approved).

Did I mention they take under 10 minutes each?