Wedding Business Startup Collection


  • All 14 wedding email templates to guide your clients experience and get all the info you need to do an amazing job
  • The questionnaires that lead to publications, being prepared and glowing testimonials
  • The true backbone of your wedding photography business is this workflow, like lists, due dates, a solid plan?  Here you go, nice and pretty!
  • Bonus – ‘What I use to do what’ is part of this collection too.  Where I order from, how I get my photos edited and in clients hands in less than a week and more


Don’t let the name disceive you.  Even if you’ve already shot a few weddings, maybe you’re a full year in even, this collection will up your game.  You already have what it takes, you have the passion, the excitement and the drive to be an amazing wedding photographer.  The fact that you’re ready to jump in with this full collection means you’re serious.


Serious photographers get this Wedding Business Startup Collection cause they are serious about turning a profit and giving their clients an amazing experience.  That’s just what you’ll be able to do with this. The Blueprint to everything you need, from emails to questionnaires to workflows. It’s all here! When you start booking dozens of weddings a year you better believe there will be an added layer of “things”.  Remembering who, when and where does not need to stress you out.


After working with 100s of brides over 11 years I’ve whittled down the process to what makes a difference.  I’ve cut out the mistakes and the fluff and only included what will move the bottom line and give your clients something to write home about.  So get all set up and prepared to grow your wedding photography business the RIGHT way.

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