Couples Posing Guide


  • Full color PDF guide book for printing
  • 17 pages of in depth guidance on not just posing but making your clients feel excited and comfortable
  • The exact words and jokes from Jen Brazeal to keep the sesh flowing and natural
  • 13 tried and true poses used in dozens of shoots to create lasting family heirlooms over the years
  • Guidance on post shoot prep and setting the “feel” for the sesh!


Feeling Stuck?  Maybe you’ve spent hours surfing insta or pinterest taking screenshots of all the posing inspiration for your next shoot but you’re left wondering how to get that genuine laugh or true love kiss.


I’ve got you covered, this guide will give you pointers (not only on where to put awk hands but also) how to guide the conversation, how to draw out true emotions and more.  You’ll never have to tell your couples to, “just look natural” or “can you fake laugh for me”.


Keep these 13 poses on your phone for a quick guide or print it up and GIVE it to your couples ahead of time so you have a game plan.  It’s yours to use, make your own and grow from!

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