Complete Engagement Collection


  • Email swipe templates Prepping your clients for the shoot
  • An in depth questionnaire that helps draw out unique possibilities for stunning photos
  • Email swipe templates for social media marketing and getting clients excited about their experience and photos
  • The true backbone and workflow of the entire shoot so you can check everything off and make sure nothing gets left off


Engagement shoots may just be the first time you and your clients are working together and first impressions count!


Prepping your clients for success is your job and gathering all the information to do your job well is what this collection will provide you with.  You don’t want to let anything slip through the cracks or drop the ball on such an important time.  


With this collection all your bases will be covered.  You won’t have to worry about clients showing up in flip flops and jeans, you won’t have to ask yourself, “did I send them that email” and you for sure won’t stress about getting photos back to your couple in a quick and timely manner.


You new normal with this complete engagement workflow collection will be peace in knowing you have fully prepped your clients to show up ready and looking awesome, you can check off all the tasks that create a stellar experience and you’ll even have the emails to send them along the way, no guessing or wasting time recreating the wheel!

This is my whole system for over 100 happy bride and grooms, tied up in a nice neat bow so you can get to work and take beautiful photos!


Take a look at what you’ll be getting!

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