Wedding Workflow


  • Detailed workflow and guideline of what to do, when to do it and how to blow their socks off!
  • The exact timeline to create a year full of marketing and a stellar experience
  • Guidance and tips on implementing the workflow and how to adapt it as yours
  • All my tools and where I order from, making the whole process cohesive


Trying to decide when is the best time reach out to clients about the next step or wanting to incorporate something special into their experience won’t happen unless you plan for it.


No more slipping through the cracks or wondering, ‘did I send that email’?


They picked you, they like who you are so don’t let the hustle of the business take away from the connection and experience.  Use this all-inclusive wedding workflow to structure your clients experience. And make sure it all gets done and done right.


From what to do the second they book you to how to get raving reviews it’s all in here!  A whole year’s worth of bells and whistles, basics and systems so you’ll have clients that tell their grandchildren all about you one day!


It’s all taken care of right here in the Wedding Workflow.  Jen also added in her tools of the trade, where she orders what and how to streamline everything to save time.  


BONUS: if you like the idea of outsourcing (aka – handing off some of your to do list) this is the first step to creating systems so tasks can be taken off your plate, freeing up your time to do what only YOU can do!

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