Creative Business Startup Audiobook


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So you have an idea, a dream or the thought that what you love doing, your hobby and passion can be monetized.  You can take what you’ve always loved and share it with the world. In return you could make it into a business and earn, dare I say, a living off this passion.


You are absolutely correct.  You can start a business and profit from doing the things you love.  But what usually happens (what happened to me) is you get elbows deep into this hobby/business thing and you realize you’re a tad bit lost.


You know how to do what you love but you’re not sure how to make it into a successful business!  That’s where Creative Business Startup comes in. The exact formulas and systems used to start your creative business.  This book will get you from A to B in about 3 hours. And you’ll get to listen to it while you cook dinner, go for a jog or drive around town!  Audio books are the best!


Get ready for a total blueprint, a transformation and empowerment to do what you love AND make money while you do it.  After creating my own 6-fig business from home (with little kids) I’m laying it all out so you can too!


So let’s do this!  Click add to cart and start listening now!