First Look and Posing Bride + Groom


  • Jen’s exact field play for the first look and tips to capture every angle all at once  (even where to stand to get the ‘impossible’ shot
  • Tips and poses for the bride and groom to keep emotions real and relaxed
  • Full color PDF for printing and binding or keeping on your phone for quick access


Ever feel like you have one chance to get THE shot?  Stressed about the pressure?  This can be something you worry about or something you’re prepared for.


Inside this guide I map out where to stand and even what to say so that you can get the first look captured perfectly.  You’ll be confident going into the day that you will get what matters and the photos that will be hanging on walls for years to come.


The First Look is climbing in popularity and for good reason.  It’s such a sweet and special time for couples not to mention it gives them a relaxed day and the chance to take photos before the ceremony.  With this guide you’ll be better prepared to explain to your clients the benefits of a first look so they can more easily make a decision.

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