The Ceremony and Lighting Types


  • An exact shot list for creating the perfect set up  
  • Full color PDF to print up and go over or keep on your smartphone/back pocket (easy access for tips on the go)
  • The exact styling tips and advice Jen uses to teach her associates and in her workshops
  • Camera settings, lenses and more tips for finding the system that works best


As the music begins and the whispers die down, will you be wondering where the best spot is to get the best shot of the ring exchange?  What about that noon wedding in full sun, how are you going to make those photos look dreamy and on brand?


Let me walk you through getting the shots and navigating your way through different lighting situations you’ll be sure to run into.  With a lot on your mind and important things to get checked off you list you don’t need to sit and wonder about what’s to come or how you’ll figure it out.


No ma’am, that’s where this guide comes in.  After shooting hundreds of weddings I’ve seen all sorts of different lighting scenarios and been to ceremonies in all types of venues.  I’ll share all I’ve learned so you don’t have to make any of the mistakes that others are making as they walk into their weddings unprepared!

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