Details: Rings, Shoes, & Accessories


  • Full color PDFs to print or save on your phone
  • Ring shots – finding the right spot, getting in focus and sharp images, and exposure
  • Shoes, details and accessories – how to pick the perfect background and make all the images have similar style elements
  • My personal tips on how to cut your time in half and get it all done in a few minutes!


You may have 30 minutes to pull this all off but you’ll probably have more like 3 minutes.  You’ll have to think quick and move quicker. Capturing the details of a wedding help set the scene and make for a FULL page in an album later on.  Tossing shoes on a chair and rings in a flower won’t cut it.


In this guide you’ll find my exact system to make everything flow like clock work so you’ll feel confident you got the shots you needed and they look stunning as well.  


Not only am I giving you the settings and lenses I use for these shots but I’m also giving tips on background and placement as well!

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