Wedding Day Lists


  • Printable PDFs of all my checklists including:
  • My styling toolkit checklist so you can have the tricks and secrets to making all the detail shots look like you had 3 hours to style it perfectly when you actually only have 3 minutes.
  • The wedding day shot list to keep your brain at ease when you’re in the “thick” of things.  This shot list covers it all and IN ORDER!
  • Bringing on a second shooter, no idea how to train them or tell them what to do?  Handing over responsibility was never easier with my Second shooter shot list.
  • BONUS: Stop guessing and buying the wrong gear (that gets expensive) get my equipment list and how I use everything so you know exactly what to use and when.


So you’ve booked your first wedding, or maybe you’ve shot a few weddings already but you’re still feeling a little stressed and one beat behind.  Your brain goes in 50 different directions and you are chatting with a lot of new faces, trying to appear calm, cool and collected when inside you’re mentally checking things off and wondering, “wait, did I get that shot?”


If you’ve ever wondered how people get that perfect ring shot standing up on end or what they use to communicate with their second photographer, it’s all included here!


Maybe it’s your first, maybe it’s your 21st either way weddings have about a million moving parts and you’re the one that is supposed to be everywhere at just the right time.  Yikes!


However, this does not need to strike panic into your soul, with over 100 weddings under my belt I’ve compiled all my lists (omitted my mistakes so you don’t make them!) and I tucked them all into this amazing guide book.  Made up of my 3 most valuable and time saving lists (+ a little bonus equipment guide).


You don’t even have to think about it.  Just print it, slide it into your bag and you’re on your way.  You can even keep it saved on your phone for easy access!


BONUS: I’m also throwing in my descriptions on equipment so you know what’s right for you and your style, why I use what and what I’ve tried in the past (so you can find the right system for you without spending loads of cash)

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