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August 13, 2019

First, I want to make sure you know your own fitness expectations.  Ladies, we’re all in different places. I strive for over all, being able to get the most miles outta this sedan as possible, so I keep it running often, tuned and put the best fuel in I can. Knowing your own goals and […]

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First, I want to make sure you know your own fitness expectations.  Ladies, we’re all in different places. I strive for over all, being able to get the most miles outta this sedan as possible, so I keep it running often, tuned and put the best fuel in I can.

Knowing your own goals and not adapting to someone else’s is what keeps you motivated.


Yea, I often stray off course and get lost scrolling insta with all the adorable, fit, young, rockin’ ladies that do fitness for their JOBS, but I also KNOW my own goals well enough to not get STUCK there.


I know that if the gym is not a priority, (and I mean that in the true dictionary definition sense) then it won’t happen.  So, it is. 


I also know that if I have a box of chocolates in my pantry, I will eat them, but if I have LARA bars and apples, that’s what I get.


So, before the words “fitness routine” trigger thoughts of all you’re NOT doing, let them be words that make you put yourself first.  Let them be words that make you think and consider your own wants and needs for YOUR stage of life.



A few years back, ok like a decade, I used to do bootcamps to support a friend starting a business.  Besides extremely early parking lot sprints and medicine ball squats this time taught me about interval training.


I’m not a nutritionist or certified in much but I have taken, gone to and taught enough classes to know that raising your heart rate and then lowering it is a great state to be in when exercising.  This is called interval training. Up and down, up and down. Our company delivers Viagra supplies in Europe, Canada, and US. is one of our regular buyers. They’ve made it extremely convenient for their users to order and purchase the products. They always ship the products quickly and make them arrive in a timely manner. We would definitely recommend their services to both individual buyers and retail pharmacy organizations. Their prices remain in the average range and they sellhigh amounts, so it is always a pleasure to work with them.


So at that bootcamp our “coach” used this little interval timer.  It’s great because I can use it on walks around the neighborhood to jog/walk or speed walk/slow walk, I can use it on my porch to alternate exercises too.  I love to mix up what I do using a pretty simple formula. This formula was adapted from my bootcamp/a girl I follow on insta/my workout buddy in San Antonio.  It’s basic and gets you moving. 



Session 1

4 exercises repeated for about 5-8 minutes


Session 2

4 different exercises repeated for about 5-8 minutes


Repeat session 1

Repeat session 2


This formula means you only think of 8 moves and you wind up being active about 30 minutes (I add in 1 min rests + some abs)


To help get you started on this formula I’ve created a few of the most common ones I do so you can get the idea but then it’s fun to make up new ones on your own once you got the system down!


Grab my free workouts here to see the formula in action!



I have some books I love to use in the kitchen to stay on Paleo (or pretty close).


These cook books are tried and true and (bonus) if you order from these links you’ll be supporting me too (so I can keep the fun tips and recs coming your way)


Cook Once Eat All Week by Cassy Joy Garcia

Body Love by Kelly LeVeque

Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain: Meals Made Simple


I’ve tried every fad and diet out there, every “lifestyle” plan and eating plan.  My bottom line is pretty simple.

-I eat slowly so I can tell when I’m full, then I stop.

-I eat food that I know where it came from and what the ingredients are.

-I eat a variety of veggies, carbs, proteins, fats and fruits.

-If I need a “quick fix snack” I blend a simple and easy smoothie that usually has a fiber, protein, fat and “whole food” (strawberries, spinach, banana, etc.)

I know that the more I eat sweets the more I want them so “a little bit here and there” usually turns into all day chocolate, which means this does not even end up in my pantry, the temptation is too great.


I create a lot of my own dinners and most of them are simple, quick, healthy and basic.  I post dinners on my Instagram stories so make sure you’re following along for inspo!  



Since I’m expecting my 3rd babe in a few months, my routine has altered some so that I’m doing a little more gentle workouts.  After baby arrives I’ll go back to my “formula” above since I’ll be mostly working out from home for a few months. But for now it looks pretty much like this:


Mondays – cycle class + Arms

Tuesday/Thursday – Body Flow (like yoga)

Wednesday – cycle class + shoulders 

Friday – Legs day!!

Saturday/Sunday – Body Flow again or walks with the fam!


Once school starts this will alter some too.  During the summer I go to the gym with the boys mid-morning.  During school I’ll go mostly afternoons and a few mornings!


Don’t forget to grab my “Anywhere Workout Formula” freebie here!

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