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October 20, 2020

So you want to simplify your life.  Cut out the chaos and live for what truly matters.  But how do you actually do that?  It’s like when your favorite necklace gets a knot in the chain, where do you even start trying to untangle it?   You’re ready to make some changes in life.  You’ve […]

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This is the place where we're both learning to simplify, and cut out the distractions that keep us “barely above water”. 


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So you want to simplify your life.  Cut out the chaos and live for what truly matters.  But how do you actually do that?  It’s like when your favorite necklace gets a knot in the chain, where do you even start trying to untangle it?


You’re ready to make some changes in life.  You’ve had too many hard, long, overwhelming days with the kids home.  Plopping down on the couch after bedtime with a huge sigh and wondering, “what did I even do today?”  Well sweet mama, right here, within these lines I’m going to give you the process for simplifying your life and then 3 things to implement right now so you’re already feeling more relief! 


Somer Phoebus was my guest this week on the Unhurried Life Podcast and much of these tips come straight from the interview.  My favorite quote and moment was when she explained how we try to balance it all when really, in fact, we’re not in a balancing act, we’re jugglers!


Simplify Your Life by Knowing Your Priorities and Values

I know priorities and values sound official but these two words hold so much direction.  And we’re all longing for direction.  Rather than feeling like you think something should be important if you sit down with pen in hand and write down your priorities you’ll be much more clear on them.


For example, grab your journal (or an old receipt if it’s close!) and write down the top 5 values you hold dear.  These are things you truly hold in high regard.  Try to stay away from vague words like: family, health, etc.  Go a smidge deeper.  If you close your eyes and picture your family sitting around the table or in the living room, what is the feel of the room?  What do your children and husband feel?


If your slate was blank, what would take first place?  If there was no other string attached what would you electively fill your calendar with?


Define What Simplicity Means to You


I know instagram and facebook make us long for things.  But it’s time you stopped using someone else’s life and inserting yourself!  That’s right.  I said it.  You are allowed to be excited for others but comparing yourself is no bueno!  Girl, you say you want things to be simpler, less busy and you want to be more present but have you stopped to define what these words mean to YOU?


Defining simplicity for yourself and your family is what you need to do.  Again, you can do this on a piece of paper or in a cute journal.  The key is writing it down and checking it over.  Writing your definition for simplicity is not final.  You can tweak it tomorrow or even the day after.


What does a simple and present life in your world look like?  Chances are it looks different to you than it does to me so keep your eyes on your own paper.


Creating Simplicity for Your Life


At some point you may have heard or even strived for balance.  But let me give you a new word.  Juggle.  When one goes up, one comes down.  Think about it for a minute.  Isn’t this what we should be doing?  Put aside the idea of everything being exactly balanced and even.  Put aside the idea of doing it all.  


Once you’ve decided what simplicity means to you and your family you need to be ready to defend it.  When you carve out time and clear out the schedule everything in the world will try to push its way into your life.


Be ready to fight for what you have defined as valuable in your life because it’s worth fighting for.


Know that your family and friends may (ok they will) think you’re a little off.  They won’t understand the change in behavior when you start doing life differently.  It’s ok to explain but don’t expect understanding.  Remember this is your life, the only one that needs (and should) understand it is you!


3 Tips to Truly Simplify Your Life

You know that living life in a blur is not the way you were made.  So, let’s actually put this into action.  Here are 3 tips to truly simplify your life!


  1. Create a skeleton schedule to insert your boundaries (Somer and I talk more about this in the Podcast interview)
  2. Know if you’re a routine or rhythm person and embrace it.
  3. Know yourself on a deeper level, did I hear someone say enneagram?


Therefore, I want to gently (yet with a firm hand) remind you that when one thing goes up, something else comes down and that’s OK. We need to allow ourselves the ability to hand off, switch and move with freedom and less guilt.

So, how do we start to simplify aaaalllll the things happening on the outside and all the things happening on the inside?  Are you ready to go even deeper and get committed to real change?

Well, that’s exactly where we’re going, come listen in and get some amazing simplification and productivity tools to lighten your load click here to listen in on the apple podcast app. 



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