Not that long ago I resigned, middle of the year from being an elementary teacher. Dressing up, reading Little House on the Prairie to a circle of 8 year olds, grading papers with stickers and organizing my 7,000 books by topic and fiction/nonfiction. I turned in my letter with the hope and dream of doing more and doing it on my terms.

I had only photographed a handful of weddings and my business skills (having been an education) were weak to say the least. I wasn’t 100% sure on the next step and my planner was filled with … Monday – Yoga at 10 AM, Tuesday – ….hmmmm

So, what got me earning 6 figures with 4 photographers, 2 part timers, one FULL time assistant and a bestseller in a few years?

Hard work and dedication (I say in a sophisticated voice )

Yea, so it was some of that but it was moooostly the mistakes I made along the way and how I adapted and learned from them. Sure I was scared and felt overwhelmed at times, but when it was late at night and the house was asleep and I was still up on Quickbooks, sending contracts, editing photos I knew I could make it because I knew where I was going.

You need someone to give you a little booty kick, help with a plan, explain systems and get strategic. In order to start, not only helping others with your talents but, running an actual business (that means turning a profit too) you need clear direction and to know where you’re heading.

"Handing over my strategies and systems for business success was the natural next step in helping others chase (and catch) their dreams!"

What you have to offer is amazing and the world is just waaaaiting to hear all about it. This is where I would love to enter into your story. Give you the boost, the support the direction and clarity you're looking for to turn your passion into a profitable business, to build and maintain that business while still having a life AWAY from your business. A balanced system to create a full life you dream about. And show you it truly can be a simple process.

As creatives we love to dream, we hope and we...well create.

But a lot of the time it doesn't get to see the light of day. Real life is whirling around us and we can't seem to get that creativity out in the sunshine.

Let me give your creativity room to grow and flourish.