Instructional Photo Session Bundle


I made these live videos were shot during real sessions. I wanted to makes these videos for those of you guys who are out there shooting photo sessions for your friends, families, and even clients!

Take a look into my list of tips and tricks on how I tackle these huge events. These videos range anywhere from bridal shoots to how to capture the receptions and even senior sessions, but as always you can use them for any type of shoots!

I want to help you have a stress free session while capturing these momentous times in your loved ones’ lives. And of course, you can adjust these tips to how you like it and what works for you!



You will receive 5 Live Tutorials as digital videos that you can view on any of your devices. You’ll also receive a PDF file with access to the digital galleries of all the images from the shoots so you can see the finished product as well as my delivery process to my clients.



  • Bridal – Bridal portraits are a great way for the bride and her loved ones to remember her special day forever. In this live tutorial Jen walk you through a real bridal shoot in several different locations  as well as during different times of the day.


  • Family – In this live tutorial Jen takes you with her on a shoot with the Veeley family. She explains the Do’s and Do not’s of how to get her subjects to look at natural as possible. Shooting with kids can be hard sometimes but Jen will help you overcome that.


  • Posing – Posing can get tricky sometimes, what you think looks good in person might not look good through the camera lens. In this video Jen will show you different poses that look flattering for men and poses that look flattering for women. Surprisingly, different angles for different genders do matter.


  • Ronin Cooking – The wedding reception is one of the best days of a couple’s lives and you only get one chance to capture it well. In this live tutorial Jen guides you through the need to know for wedding reception shoots. From the bouquet to the cake to photos of the bride and groom, Jen’s got it covered!


  • Senior- Graduating from high school or college is one of many milestones, and what better way to remember the good ole’ days than senior shoots! In this live tutorial Jen takes you on several different locations and shows how you can capture your senior grad for their huge day.


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