Situational Tutorials Bundle


I made these videos as real life as possible.  Sometimes we face tough situations and have to take photos at non-ideal times of the day.  How are you supposed to still get the shot you are picturing?  How are you supposed to make it all come together into a sweet memory you’ll (or your client will) cherish forever?


These videos range from an engagement shoot to families to seniors.  However, you can take all the information and teaching and apply it to your own shoots just as easily.


I created each one of these tutorials with YOU in mind.  I want to help you cut the stress of managing things outside of your control and focus on what really matters so you can go out and shoot with confidence and so you can master any situation that comes your way.



You’ll receive 4 Live Tutorials as digital videos that you can view on any of your devices.  You’ll also receive a PDF file with access to the digital galleries of all the images from the shoots so you can see the finished product as well as my delivery process to my clients.



  • Summer Fun Tutorial – This live tutorial walks you through how to get your everyday summer photos to really pop and look amazing.  We work around windy weather and kids natural tendencies to not cooperate! Hehe.  Jen explains why she is positioning the kids where she is and explains her thought process through out the shoot.  See edited and unedited images as well.


  • Depth of Field Tutorial – Learn how to really make your photos stand out by mastering F-Stop and Depth of Field.  Jen explains how to add variety to photos by simply making a few adjustments on the camera.  Posing a single person can take practice and Jen shows you tips to do this naturally.


  • Difficult Situations Tutorial – Life doesn’t always go as expected, just like photoshoots. In this live tutorial Jen demonstrates how to overcome a difficult situation. The weather is always unpredictable (especially in Texas) so its important to always be prepared ahead of time  Examples of the finished photos will be included as well.


  • Tough Shots – Sometime the most best pictures are some of the toughest shots to get. Jen walks you through a life photo session tutorial and gives you some tips on how you can adjust to the environment and get that great picture!