Blah to Beautiful


I made this video from a live shoot. Sometimes the smallest details in life make the biggest difference. It’s the same with photography! Here are a few small tips and tricks I use to make my photos better, and these small tricks make a HUGE difference.

We’ll cover different aspects used to create a beautiful photograph. I’ll cover rule of thirds, leading lines and much more. I follow these simple rules every time when I take photos for loved ones and clients. It adds a bit of depth and liveliness to my photos and you should try them out!

I want to help you make your photos less blah and even more beautiful!



You’ll receive a Live Tutorials as a digital video that you can view on any of your devices. You’ll also receive a PDF file with access to the digital gallery of all the images from the shoot so you can see the finished product as well as my delivery process to my clients.


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