Sisterdale Dance Hall Wedding | my sister is hitched!

I can’t believe I’m saying this! Even a few weeks later it’s hard to wrap my mind around my sister actually being hitched! We had a great weekend of events and of course I had to have my camera with me the whole time. Although I wasn’t always the one behind the lens I made sure to get as many photos of her special moments as I could. And yes, I eventually put the camera down and was the Matron of Honor for my sweet little sis!

Her wedding weekend started off with a ladies only brunch and lots of laughs on Saturday morning. By Saturday evening the laughs only got louder and longer as we moved out to the Rehearsal dinner. The same spot that my rehearsal dinner was held at years back. It was so fun to see some of the same decorations used but for such a different occasion! (May I just add her that Travis’ dad put any and all Mexican restaurants toshame with his delicious fajitas! Holy Guacamole!) The wedding was on a lovely Sunday afternoon at the Sisterdale Dance Hall. A venue with much history in Texas and in our family.

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34 josie wedding To describe the photos above! The one on the left is my dear friend Jen Kemmy who’s wedding Kati, a JBP associate, will be shooting in July. The middle photo is the preacher that married Justin and I, Sam Warren, he was also the preacher that married Josie and Travis. The far right photo is my cousin, she chose to wear the same dress she wore at my wedding when she was one of my bridesmaids! So much fun and so many ties/memories!

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