Rock Lake Ranch | Kim and Josh’s Wedding

Can you just take a moment and picture the prettiest outside weather of your life? Cool breezes blowing, sun lowering behind the tree line to cast light shadows, a bed of lush green grass. This scene has picnicwritten all over it.

Seriously, can I just fall asleep with a good book open next to me on a quilt?

Now, what you just imagined, insert Bride Kim and Groom Josh, love all around and happiness beyond compare. This was the wedding day at Rock Lake Ranch in College Station, TX.

At this point you are probably completely drawn in, as you should be. Words truly can not describe the lighthearted feeling I had as I pulled up to the Carriage House, a small wooden, 1900s restoration home located on a vast ranch next to a pond complete with dock and duck!

One thing I absolutely love love love about small weddings is how much more involved and hands on I get to be. Events tend to move in slow motion as we laugh, joke and get to know one another. This part is where we become ‘besties’ for the day! hehe

If you’re into gold sequins and blush bouquets keep scrolling. There are sunset pictures below that will make you sigh out loud. And do not forget to comment at the bottom which photo is your favorite and why!

A note to Kim and Josh – I should have expected I’d be falling in love with October 2nd. I mean your engagement shoot still holds my heart to this day. The only thing I missed from your wedding day was a little bark from Lady and Jax!

What can I say that will tell you “Thank you” enough? I’m not sure I can type it out. The fact that you laughed at my corny jokes and included me in all the small things told me that you two are unique. You’re going to have a stinking amazing life together as man and wife, and I’m so happy I got to be there for the start of things.

Rock Lake Ranch College Station Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0002 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0003 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0004 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0005 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0006
I loved how the bride used blush and gold as the sequined colors of her bridesmaid dresses. They perfectly accented the jewels in Kim’s wedding dress!
Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0007 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0008 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0009 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0010 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0011 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0012 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0013 First Look at Rock Lake Ranch Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0015 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0016
Kim and Josh gave each other gifts after their first look to wear during the ceremony. Such a great idea!!!
Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0017 blush and gold bridesmaids dresses Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0019 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0020 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0021
I loved the way Josh would squint every time he kissed his bride-to-be, it was like he just couldn’t contain his excitement!!
Rock Lake Ranch
This1900 restoredhouse was relocated to serve as a writer’s cottage atRock Lake Ranch. Such a charming cottage to fit a charming couple!
Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0023 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0024 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0025 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0026
The archery cake symbolically represents how Josh and Kim met – in archery class at Texas A&M!
Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0027 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0028 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0029 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0030 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0031 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0032 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0033 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0034 Rock Lake Ranch _0040 Rock Lake Ranch _0039
The sunlight through the trees brought a golden touch to every picture we took, and especially glimmered off the sequined dresses.
Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0035 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0036 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0037 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0038 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0041 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0042 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0043 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0045 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0044 Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0047 Rock Lake Ranch _0046 Rock Lake Ranch _0048
Perfect ending to a perfect night!A wedding farewell in an old pick-up truck, complete with sparklers and all!
Rock Lake Ranch Wedding_0049
Thank you to everyone who made this day so special! Venue-Rock Lake Ranch|Flowers- Post Oak Florist|DJ-Brent Watts|Makeup- Celebrity Salon & Spa|Cake- The Cake Box|Catering-Buppy’s Catering|Dress Designer- Justin Alexander|Dress-La Reve Bridal Couture|
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas and most of all thank you for your support and spreading the word about Jen Brazeal Photography. Your biggest compliment is sharing our name with future brides, grooms, and friends! We are a College Station Wedding Photography Business but available for travel and we’re honored to be considered to capture the special moments in your life rather they be wedding photography, engagements photos, bridal photos, family photography or other special occasion.

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