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We had the most lovely weekend celebrating Morgan and Blake! I loved watching Blake’s face light up as Morgan walked down the isle…he was one happy groom! Funny fact:Blake was actually a groomsman in Nicole and Tyler’s wedding!! Small world!! Then to find out Tyler was a groomsman in Blake’s wedding! Howfun to see such good friendsapart of each other’s special day.

The ceremony was held at River Pointe Church, then we made our way to Quail Valley Country Club to celebrate. My absolute favorite part was the JOY in Morgan’s face all throughout wedding. She was glistening with excitement over her marriage with Blake, and smiled so big in every picture! Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, and it certainly was for this adorable couple.

Now for some Q&As with the newlyweds:

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Q. Tell me about the moment when you knew he/she was “the one”

A. I knew Blake was “the one” for me on our first date. He opened doors for me, was so polite and I immediately felt a connection. I had never been so giddy to go on a date with anyone before, so I knew Blake was special.

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Q. How did he/she propose?

A. So the whole proposal process started with my sister insisting we had to go shopping for my mom’s Christmas gift on a Friday afternoon after I got off of work. I was very stubborn and did not want to go because all I want to do on a Friday afternoon is go home and put on my comfy clothes. Well, I ended up going shopping and was very irritated and just wanted to go home. After shopping my sister and I headed home. On my way home Blake texted me telling me that he and the dogs were over at my parents house and asked if I could go pick him up. I said of course and headed that way, not even asking why he didn’t have his car. When I pulled into my parents’ driveway I ran inside to use the bathroom. Two other signs I didn’t even realize was my mom taking my purse from me and my dogs and Blake were missing. After using the restroom, my mom told me Blake was outside with the dogs which is not abnormal. As soon as I stepped out the back door I saw Blake down on my parents dock. There was a walkway of candles and the whole dock was strung with lights. I immediately knew what was about to happen. I cried the whole way down to the dock and the whole time he proposed. I don’t even know what he said and could not even see the ring because of all the tears! He had hired a photographer to take pictures and my family videotaped the whole thing and shot of poppers right afterwards. It was the perfect proposal I could have ever imagined ????

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Q. If you could hop on a plane and go have dinner for two anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

A. Morgan: I would go to Greece and have dinner ocean side. I have always wanted to travel to Greece- it looks like a romantic and beautiful place.
Blake: I would go to London because I enjoy the history and there seems to be a lot of romantic restaurants there.

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Thank you everyone who made this day so special:

Flowers- Julie Fox from HEB, Reception and Catering- Quail Valley Country Club, DJ-Alexander Anding, Hair-Valerie from Salon Gity, Ceremony- River Pointe Church

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