College Station Engagement Photographer | Royalty Pecan Farms

Royalty Pecan Farms is one of our favorite photo spots in town (not to mention a fun place to tour on the weekends!), Andrea is the most amazing College Station Engagement Photographer you could find. I’m so thirlled to have her on our team at Jen Brazeal Photography and we were even more excited to be able to capture Anne and Joel’s engagement photos.

As you can see, Anne and Joel were able to bring their two adorable pups, so of course we had to make sure to get them in a few photos!It’s so much fun to go to Royalty Pecan Farms during different seasons to see how the scenery has changed. This may be biased, but I especially love this location in the spring! (:

Royalty Pecan Farms Royalty Pecan Farms 023_JBP_moser_ENG 028_JBP_moser_ENG 040_JBP_moser_ENG Royalty Pecan Farms 045_JBP_moser_ENG

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