Astin Mansion Wedding Inspiration

Are you stuck wondering what flowers for your centerpieces would go best?Have you spent hours flipping through magazines looking for a dress? Are you stumped when it comes to wedding cakes?Other Brides are searching for all the answers ‘out there’ but not you.You’ve come to the right place for beautiful wedding inspiration! At Astin Mansion weddings come naturally, as they should. This time in your life should not be tough or stressful (I know you are rolling your eyes right now and saying, “oh but it is Jen it is!”) Let this amazing photo shoot get you in the groove. Put aside your planning note book and let your eyes graze these images of plum, cream and soft purples. You are going to need a wedding photographer that can imagine with you. A photographer that creates (like you’re doing now) a beautiful story. Book Jen Brazeal Photography as your wedding photographer and imagine yourself in these sunset photos. Email us now – [email protected] or fill out our contact form to work with us!

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Designing a modern wedding invitation for your big day can keep your feel fresh.
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Lighting is key in photographs. Make sure you plan time on your big day around sunset for beautiful sunset wedding pictures.
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Setting the table with accents of both goldandsilver for your wedding looks very classy.
Astin Mansion Wedding Inspiration_0014
Rather your guests will be inside or outside have a cake table that says it all.
Astin Mansion Wedding Inspiration_0015
An outside reception can be magical. Add cafe lights to make it sparkle!

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