Antique Rose Emporium Wedding | Crystal + Richard

Even in the heat of August an Antique Rose Emporium Wedding will make you all giddy and lovey inside!


This was such a beautiful location to choose for a wedding.  The Antique Rose Emporium in Texas is stunning no matter what season you’re in.
Crystal and Richard are such a laid back pair.  They have a beautiful family and you can just feel the joy and excitement when you’re around them.

pink and purple flowers purple converse

Beautiful colors of pink and purple decorated the wedding.  Of course the purple converse made everybody smile!

Antique Rose Emporium Wedding_0003 First look

Seeing couples do a first look never get’s old.  The love, excitement and tears always get me.

Antique Rose Emporium Wedding_0005 Antique Rose Emporium Wedding_0006 Antique Rose Emporium Wedding_0007

What is a favorite memory from when you first started dating?

My favorite 1st memory is the 1st time he came over to my house. We talked and talked and talked. We actually lost track of time and he was late to his son’s football practice. But I remember just sitting there thinking that this guy and I had nothing in common but we just clicked.

Antique Rose Emporium Wedding_0008 Antique Rose Emporium Wedding_0009

What was your first impression of your fiancé?
What I thought about him before we started dating — he’s the funny guy at work who makes his work environment enjoyable. I enjoyed working in his room because he played really good music and always appeared to be in a good mood. But I never even considered dating him until he asked me for my phone number. The first time I said, “No”. But the 2nd time he asked I gave it to him because I thought he’d be fun to hang out with….I was right :)

Antique Rose Emporium Wedding_0010 Antique Rose Emporium Wedding_0011





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