The 2 Best Things to do in Broken Bow

What was supposed to be an adults only winter trip to Broken Bow, OK soon turned into an, “I’m still nursing 6 times a day plus Ethan is a pretty easy baby” adults only trip.  WE are. the. party. poopers (quite literally in this sense!)  So, if you’re looking for a Broken Bow FAMILY trip guide … here you have it.

Broken Bow Lake took our breath away.

The 5 and 1/2 hour trip easily turned into 7 hours with a stop off in Tyler for some delicious BBQ that I’ve actually been contemplating how to get back too with out driving 3 hours!  We were the only ones with a baby so we went at our own pace.  We found that even though 7 hours in the car was not super ideal, breaking it up with lunch was the best way to do it.

Once arrived we learned that our cabin was the main attraction.  So if you decide to add Broken Bow to your travel list my number 1 recommendation would be to find an amazing cabin.  Why?  Well when you go with kids to any place other than to visit family, you wind up spending more time in your dwelling place then you thought.  Naps, early bed times, clean floors draw you back “home”.

Our cabin was top notch and we loved all the things it had to offer.  Not to mention being beautifully decorated for the holidays.  Warm comfy couches, lots of blankets and multiple fire places made us all feel welcomed.

Justin and I were able to join friends out for dinner and we packed a lunch for our hike so truthfully being home early in the evening was not difficult.  We kept little Ethan on his “normal” sleep schedule and bobbed around in the hot tub after everyone else got back home.

The two things I’d recommend most when taking a trip to Broken Bow would be to see the lake at sunset (which is the first image below) and to take a hike on one of the trails near the nature center.  I know there were many more things to do but our time was short and with the season being cold, most water activities off limits.

Broken Bow Lake

This was a snapshot of real life.  Checking for a poopy diaper…doesn’t get much more real than this…caught on film!

Even though we are pretty much TV free in our own home, when football is on, all the boys stop and stare!

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