Dream Vacay with my hubby

Only a few short months after having our second son I already had the itch.  Not the itch you’re probably thinking. I had the travel itch. We had been US locked since literally a few weeks after we found out we were pregnant.

Best couples trip eva!


We were about to grab the tram and head down to the stadium U2 and the Lumineers were playing at in Houston when I found out I was pregnant.  The next day we boarded a plane for Greece.


Pretty much the best couples trip of my life.  We dreamed, we planned, we talked all night. Fast forward a year and a half and I’m dying to get out into the world again, we had been home too long.  


In case you didn’t know, travel is my love language and so going on trips fills me up.  I was feeling kinda empty. We save and save and live below our means so we can have time to go on amazing trips.  Our cars are not new, our clothes come from thrift shops and I bargain shop like it’s my job. All so we can go on ‘once in a lifetime’ trips every other year or so.


As soon as I knew the month I would be done nursing my son I booked us a trip.  We’re off and about. I can’t wait to share with you all we do, see and enjoy. Mostly because I love sharing my life but also to give you the itch to go out into the world too.

Dream Vacay With My Hubby

I’m not a travel blogger and faaaar from a fashion blogger so our trips are pretty normal and trips anybody could go on.  But I am a photographer so I take my gear. (Sweet hubby usually carries it.) And when we go on trips, big or small, I always take the same few things.


Practical.  Safe. Easy.


I put together this guide so you can see the exact photography gear I take with me on our trips ( I’m practically packing this for our trip as I type) so you can throw in the same gear and system for your next adventure.




Now get out there and plan the best couples trip or best family vacay ever.  Come back in a few weeks and I’ll spill our trip here!  Sure to be complete with, where to stay, what to do, what to eat and loads of beautiful photos!


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