The 7 Unhurried Tips

7 tips to living an unhurried life


Welcome to episode 1 of the Unhurried Life.  This episode can make such an impact on your life just by picking one of the unhurried tips I talk about in this show!


All 7 tips I go over are on the podcast (make sure to hit subscribe and listen in!)  These tips are a great place to start getting you to an unhurried state of living. 


My suggestion is to tackle one tip at a time. No need to get overwhelmed when trying to cut back!  Change is tough and creating new routine is even tougher!


Once you’ve successfully implemented one tip then it’s time to move on to the next one. Before you know it you’ll feel less stressed – freeing you up to focus on the things that you enjoy like family and meeting that sweet friend for coffee.


I wanted to get you excited about my top 2 tips so here they are!  Remember, you can hear them all here and also grab the Unhurried Life Starter kit that includes all the tips AS WELL as more to get you in the mindset of living intentionally and with purpose!


Best way to do laundry


My first and fav tip is Laundry!  I’m an Old Navy kinda gal so most of my stuff can be pilled in together.  I don’t really sort but I do keep things separated by person. So, my kids have their own baskets in their rooms and each kid get’s one load, one time a week.


I pick just one day to get it all done and that’s it.  I wash and dry throughout my day and after the kids are asleep I “fold” and put it all away.  No piles in the laundry room because each person has a basket in their room during the week and I get it out of there the same day!


How to manage Technology


My next favorite tip for living an unhurried life is technology related!  Phones can rule your life and make you anxious, feeling like just because you can be connected at all times you should be connected at all times.


I charge my phone in the kitchen and around 8 PM until 8 AM that’s where it stays, on silent, on airplane mode.  This was tough at first but now it’s just part of my life.  


To grab more unhurried tips make sure you get the Unhurried Life Starter Kit Here!!


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