Transitions in the Big and Small

We don’t like change it’s hard, but it could even be ugly to push something past it’s time.


I’m not gonna lie. I cried while recording this episode!

And I’m not even sure what kind of tears they were? Happy, sad, hormonal? But emotion was real and authentic this week on The Unhurried Life podcast with Nancy Ray!

This month has been all about transitions which is so appropriate for the massive transition we’re all going through with COVID and quarantine nearing an end!

Today we’re learning to go back to the basics, find neutral for your family and life. If you go back to neutral, it’s like you stop life, you lay it all out on the table and ask God, Is this what you want for me? For my life?

Having a look at changing seasons and figuring out what you can really handle means knowing what you were made for!

Gosh so much goodness here!

Can’t wait for you to tune in.


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