Protecting Your Life on Social Media

Not posting {to social} in real time helps you stay in the moment and not miss out.


At the moment, our lives are a bit chaotic. Our schedules have gone out the window. Our kids may be driving us a bit crazy. We long for outside human interaction and therefore turn to social media to find it. Posting pictures of ourselves, our kids, the food we’re eating, maybe even documenting our entire daily life on Insta’ stories. While it may seem harmless, there is a possibility we’re putting ourselves or our families at risk.

Cue Liza Hippler, a mama, brand photographer, and avid social media user. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Liza who offered up some insightful tips for keeping you and your family safe on social media. To hear these tips and more be sure to listen to the full episode above!


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