Overcoming Hurdles with Bravery

Getting through burn out is not an easy or quick process.


Today is such a special day because I get to introduce you to one of my oldest friends, Founder of Project RED, Kara Wilson Garcia – we were literally babies in the church nursery together and grew up down the street from each other.

We went to school all the way through college together but then our lives started looking a little different as Kara ventured to Spain for a masters and wound up taking up residence in El Salvador.

Kara’s one of the most adventurous and bravest women I know. She’s a hard worker and a woman of true purpose. Part of living an unhurried life I believe begins with purpose and continues to evolve with intentionality and structure.

We’re going to hear about a tiny slice of her life and how, even though she’s gone through a larger season of busy and burn out, she’s learning to use her purpose to live with more rest.


Project Red


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