Why You Shouldn’t Set Goals this Year

How about a little change in the way you think, or rather, a big change?

I’m sure you felt it right when the clock struck 12:01 AM … or maybe you wised up and were sound asleep and felt it when you woke up the next morning!  That little thought in your mind, “Shouldn’t I be setting some goals or making a list of hopes and changes for 2020?”

Let me tell you all the reasons why goal setting is NOT something you should do this year!

  • I’ll never accomplish them
  • I’ve already tried (and failed)
  • Goals are too much work
  • No accountability
  • I’m too busy and can’t find the time
  • I’m not sure how to even actually set them 
  • I’m unclear on what I want
  • Others have already accomplished what I’m striving for


Take a second to look at those, they’re not actually real reasons.  But they are real fears.  

I worry about what others will think about me and worry about what I will think about me when I can’t do something or fall short.  So why try?


I can tend to replace my own desires and dreams with the priorities of who I THINK I should put before myself.  I put kids, clients, friends and so many other people before my own self I get lost in my direction.

What I should be doing is training my mind (and heart) to stay on track.  When I can stay on track with what I know is best for me, I’m able to start giving more to those in my life!

First things first, I need to be at the top of my goals this year!



Now, let’s get practical and specific.

Head over and download The Unhurried Life Starter Kit to get this aaaaamazing goal setting cheat sheet.  I’d recommend even printing the specific goals page 5 times, one sheet for each.

    • Spiritual
    • Physical
    • Financial
    • Relational
    • Business (if you don’t have a business you can replace this with a hobby or what you do to be YOU, creativity or something you love)

Since this is the UNHURRIED life, I’m challenging you to evaluate your priorities as you write out your goals.  Do your priorities align with your inner desire to slow down this year, have you set goals that glorify a hustling life?

You will start by looking at the big picture, where do you want to be in 10 years?  I give you permission to DREAM!!

Opt out of fear – what tends to crush our goals and dreams, we’ve already talked about – fear.  Set fear aside, you’re a grown up!

After you write down you 10 year Dream Goal think about what  you would have to do or be doing in 5 years to get to that 10 year mark.  Then what you would have to do in 1 year, 1 month, 1 week and then, TODAY!

This type of goal setting allows you see the big picture as well as the very next step!

When you do it you’ll be surprised at how you can take tiny baby steps in a completely new direction and how change is really not as scary as you may think!

You’re so special and completely allowed to create a life on purpose and with purpose!


The Unhurried Life Starter Kit   |   Creative Business Startup Book   |   Audiobook

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