A Morning Routine that Creates Gratitude

Gratitude as a Morning Routine with Jen Brazeal | The Unhurried Life Podcast

Structure is more important than we may realize, here’s why…


This is the season and week, to be thankful, with Thanksgiving just days away, I wanted to share with you how crafting a morning routine that fits your life can actually make you more grateful and thankful as well as unhurried and rested!



Even though implementing a morning routine may sound a bit scary (or you may be skeptical, I’ll address this below) try starting small and just begin your day with a few minutes of thankfulness.  


This simple act can help completely change the whole feel of your day.  A Morning Routine that creates Gratitude can instill: 

    • Positivity
    • Empathy towards others
    • Confidence in what you have
    • A shift in perspective 



Keep in mind that routines and rhythms change with your season of life.  Give yourself grace as you move into new areas. It is OKAY to change your routine, or even modify it (with out a life stage change).


What’s important is you’re creating a routine that brings you life and you’re able to see how small shifts can lead to unhurried living.  I created a guide to help walk you through creating a morning routine that’s specific to you HERE.



The idea sounds lovely.  You may feel motivated and fill out your routine sheet.  I’d suggest telling your spouse or a friend you’re starting something new!  However…how do you stay motivated?


I have 3 tips that will make a huge difference when sticking with your morning routine!


The morning routine starts with the night before.  Making sure you have your area, chore, breakfast all set up is going to make you more likely to be prepared for the actual start of your day.


Try having a real alarm clock next to your bed.  I know phones are easy but I want to challenge you to let you phone charge in the kitchen and grab this alarm clock.  There’s just something about having a real, old fashioned clock next to your bed that makes a big difference.


Have a healthy daytime routine so you allow yourself to get in bed at a decent time, making wake up much more feasible!  This takes a little more work but is the biggest ensure that your morning will be just as you planned.


Make sure you grab the guide to crafting your morning routine HERE and hop over to Instagram and leave me a comment telling me how your first morning went!!




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