Loving Your Space

Setting up my outer spaces in a way that’s healing internally.


Have I got some good, thought provoking goodies for you!?

If you’re like me, you’ve spent some time on Pinterest! You have a board title “my dream house” and we love pinning beautiful spaces there.

But what if that dream house pin board was actually your REAL house?

What if you could organize, declutter and decorate the spaces you have and create something beautiful and full of intention?

This week you CAN.

In 4 steps we can cultivate a space you love with intention and purpose!

  1. Start with decluttering and simplifying (it’s about less is more!)
  2. Create systems with what you do have
  3. Craft your (very personal and unique) style
  4. Anoint the space


If one (or ALL) of these sound intriguing or like you wanna hear more then tune in sis! This week Michelle Dew opens up about life, healing and design!

Grab your earbuds and tune in!


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