How to Walk Away from Success

“I didn’t really fit with others moms at home because I was also doing the business thing and I didn’t really fit with other business owners cause I was doing the mom thing.”


Karen’s Pursuit events were always ones I dreamed of going to! As a photographer/entrepreneur mama I totally got what it felt like to be pursuing your dreams but feel totally alone at the same time.

In our chat today we talk about how to handle the urge to do “more” as a stay at home mom and how to foster the desire to pursue your passions and use creativity to start a business.

What Karen seems to do so well is create new chapters of her life and then transition into new. From the outside it looks way too easy and so I just had to know, is it really that simple to walk away from success?


Starting a business is usually born from a passion. You always like x so people start asking you to do x for them and eventually you feel like, this is a lot of time, I wonder if they would pay me?

Ta-da. A business you have.

Karen found herself right there but she also had little kids at home. She weighed the options of starting a photography business and decided it was worth it. She quickly felt that common feeling of isolation and so she started a community!

While the community grew so did new avenues.


Sometimes there is a season change when we’re not quite ready for a season change. How do you walk away from success and be sure you’re making the right choice?

So how do you know when you’re supposed to walk away. Karen said it beautifully, “when I started to move into seasons where, what used to be light and easy was feeling like a million pounds on my back, I needed to reevaluate”

Some ways to evaluate when change needs to happen are to listen to your heart. That can really only be done when you’re resting in quite so make sure you’ve created the chance for your heart to speak up.

Taking the pulse of your family. Where are they with your current season. If kids or husband are not on board any longer it may be safe to say things are getting ready to shift. Also, consider the needs of those around you. Although they’re needs may not trump yours they are important to consider.


Sometimes it takes looking back to see where natural transitions took place in life. We may not always see it happening as it’s happening so don’t skip over reflection when good things come to an end.

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