How to Talk Well

Even though this is COVID time I believe healthy communication can be applied in all seasons.


Job stress, financial stress, the shift in our economy isn’t great and we don’t really even know where it’s going. We’ve been cooped up inside and our stress levels climb and drop in the blink of an eye.

Somehow these days are extremely long and very short at the same time, how does that happen?

In the midst of all this are we living in survival mode? Are we just in survival mode with our hubbies? Are we communicating in a way that builds up or is tearing down.

Are we just getting through it all or is there purpose behind our actions and our time at home?

Let’s get some motivation to bring down the stress, to talk to our spouses and not just survive but thrive. So we come out of this time saying, oh that was the time our marriage took off, we got so close, we learned so much about each other we found joy in being together like we had never known!

Dive in this week on the Unhurried life and let’s get down to business. Our buddy, our work partner our team mate. Let’s look at 4 ways to talk WELL with our man!


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