How to Start Simplifying Life

Simplifying Motherhood with Kara Livingston - 1

I don’t think people need to flip their lives upside down to find simplicity, it’s just little tweaks here and there.

Is it really that simple?  Simplifying?

It seems to be, when Kara from Simply Whole Moms chats about where and how to start simplifying life.  What I love about Kara’s mission is she makes living healthy and ‘wholy’ as easy as simplifying.


So often we find ourselves standing in an aisle trying to compare natural sunscreens and feel totally lost.  We want what’s best for our kids but ourselves but there’s no real guide book out there.  


When it comes to being healthy and creating a life that’s less hustle there has to be a game plan.



Finding one hour, that’s it, just one, at the start of your week is a place to set the game plan.  In this hour go over your calendar for the week. You will be surprised how helpful this is for your mindset and for figuring out you may have over planned on accident and you need to rearrange.


During your hour let that be the time you text sitters, order groceries, chat with your hubby about the plans and logistics of the week.  Knowing what’s coming prevents you from feeling like things have just sprung up or you’re unprepared. You’ve looked ahead and planned.



Knowing the “why” behind your decision to simplify and get healthy is going to be a huge factor in your success and ability to keep on going.  You may have a specific health condition or family history and that can be a great “why” but there can also be other reasons for fully committing to a totally different lifestyle.

  • Burn out – you see what’s happening now and realize it’s not sustainable
  • Kids – your example for your children
  • Self – you feel the need for a shift in how you perceive yourself and your soul


Look deeper inside and find the real “why” because this will be your true motivation to make a life shift and start simplifying.  Without deep conviction you’ll more easily slide back into old ways. 



Keep intentionality simple and direct so you can close out the days and seasons with enjoyment.


Figuring out how to make intentionality simple is to include boundaries and simple traditions during the holidays.  This keeps you from getting lost in social media where we can get caught up in the hustle and comparison which are thieves of simplicity.


Loved this chat with Kara and I know you will find so many more nuggets tucked away in our talk that will encourage you in your walk toward living unhurried and simplified.



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