Good Girlfriends

We are created for connection.

In this final week of our series on love, I got to sit down with Quinn Kelly to discuss relationships, specifically women friendships. Quinn is a fellow podcaster, founder of her own women’s ministry conference, blogger, marriage and family therapist, and mama to 4 boys. I’m a little tired just thinking about it all!  She has some great insights on making connections with women that I’m excited to share with you.


We live in a society of go go go. We’re doing school drop-off, answering emails, going to soccer practice, among a million other things we moms are committed to on a daily basis. Finding the time to connect with friends can sometimes seem impossible. As a mom and entrepreneur working at home, I struggle with this myself. In my discussion with Quinn it requires setting some boundaries for yourself and your commitments. By doing so, you allow yourself the time and freedom to pursue connections with friends.

Starting each day with a “to-do” list can help keep you on track and also provide a stopping point. When you reach the end of your list and you have some free time left over in your day, that could be a great time to reach out to a friend. Maybe grab a cup of coffee or just chat over the phone.

Speaking of phones, during the time you’ve allotted to your commitments try limiting your phone use or cutting it out altogether. Put it on airplane mode so you’re not distracted by incoming texts or get really crazy and turn it off. Without your phone buzzing every 20 seconds from a text, email or app notification you’ll be surprised how quickly your “to-do” list turns into a “done” list.  If you need additional guidance for finding your focus I’ve made a guide just for you. Inside you’ll get my 5 secrets to improve your productivity so you can cut out the noise and get things done. Grab it here.


If you’re finding you need connection with friends, plan ahead. Whether it’s dinner with all your girlfriends or just coffee with your BFF, plan it out and mark your calendar. Try to do something at least once a month. If you can, plan out the next 3-6 months. When you find your tank running on empty, you have something already scheduled that will fill you back up.

To hear more from Quinn, be sure to listen to the full episode available right now!



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