Going Off the Deep End

We have the power to create a new life, an unhurried life forever!


It felt good! Clearing off all the little dots on my calendar that marked I had something planned. Cause, ya know, ain’t nothin’ on my cal this week, except cook, clean, repeat!

It sorta felt like when you clean out your closet. A little freedom in places you didn’t know you were feeling held down in.

HOWEVER! We all know it’s coming. One day soon we’ll be let out. We’ll be free of quarantine! I know, hard to believe our lives won’t be like this forever.

But will you have the tendency to go off the deep end when we’re allowed to fill our lives back up with busy?

Tune in this week on The Unhurried Life podcast so we can walk through it together. What do you want life to look like, what could it look like and how will you craft a life that’s actually right for you?

We go over all this and the 3 tendencies that may rear their ugly heads when we are given freedom to fill up our calendars again.

I know it’s silly to think we’ll all keep living this slowed down life but I want you to start off on the right foot when it comes to reintroducing life to your schedule.

Come and listen!

I also cover ways to stay grounded at home and out in the real world!! Bum bum bummmmm!


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