Freedom from Shame and Guilt

Freedom from shame and guilt with Crystal Stine | The Unhurried Life Podcast


If it was good enough for God to be able to model work and rest, and he rested, then why do I think I’m better than that, that I don’t need it?

Well, we made it friends. This year is wrapping up and the new year is moving in, whether we’re ready for it or not. When you think about this past year what are you feeling? Did you accomplish everything you wanted? It’s so easy to focus on what went wrong like that goal we had set for ourselves but didn’t quite make it. With that can come feelings of shame, guilt, or maybe even regret.

This week my guest, Crystal Stine, shares all about finding freedom from these feelings of shame and guilt. You’ll hear how she is able to find rest in her busy life without guilt. I hope after listening to our convo you walk away looking forward to the year ahead instead of dwelling on the year gone by.


We live in a culture that encourages busyness and hustle. Rest is not something that is honored in United States culture. In fact it is often seen as lazy, an escape from reality or the possibility for missing out on an opportunity.

There are many cultures that prioritize and promote rest. For instance, in some other cultures around the world it is completely normal for businesses to shut down in the afternoon to allow employees time to rest. Also, more time is allowed for vacations where employees may take several weeks out of the year to rest and recharge.

Because of the idea that we must stay busy, when we have the opportunity to take time for ourselves we either don’t or we rush it because of the feelings of guilt we feel for not devoting this time to other priorities. But I’m here to say if you have the opportunity to recharge you will be so much better for it. A better mom, wife, employee, the list goes on.


Rest for you will look different from someone else’s. In the interview, Crystal talks about her faith being her source of rest. Through God she is able to be more creative, a better mom, and more effective in her job. For her it’s difficult to feel guilty when she’s connecting with God.

Discovering your form of rest will take trial and error and like I mentioned before will likely look different from everyone else. Think about the things that bring your joy. These are the things that will also bring you rest.


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Freedom from Shame and Guilt with Crystal Stine | The Unhurried Life Podcast

"We live in a culture where rest is not honored... where in other countries they embrace rest, or shut down in the afternoon so everyone can rest." - Crystal Stine | The Unhurried Life Podcast </div?

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