Figuring Out Finances with Jamie Trull

When you have the chance to spend, think… is this an expense or an investment? What’s the future purpose?


Money, moolah, cash.

This is a subject we don’t always feel comfortable touching base on yet it’s so important, it kinda makes the world go round (so they say).

This week’s podcast from Jamie breaks down finances in a whole new way. This lady is the guru of business finances but also personal.

Some questions she answers this week:

Can you give some tips to budgeting, setting up good systems and long-term finances that us women can implement on the fly?

How can we make personal (or business) finances less stressful?

What’s the first thing you would tell someone who is not organized with finances to do to GET organized?

I loved every minute of this genuine convo. If there are some loose ends in your finance plan or if your everyday budget needs some tweaking, this episode is for you!


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