Detoxing Kids from Screens

Use technology to connect with each other, to create, rather than to mindlessly consume and isolate.


This topic is hot. It’s hard to talk about and not sound “judgy” but let me tell you, as a family that is doing this already, this process is a … well a process!


Yup, they tend to sneak in and take over and there is no easy way to say it, screens mess with you.

They mess with your confidence, hello Instagram comparison game.
They mess with your kids emotions, “just 2 more minutes” …. followed by a melt down.
They mess with your marriage, oops we zoned on our phones till 10:30 PM then just went to bed (or Netflix binged…again).

We’re all guilty to some level which is why I’m so glad to have Molly on the podcast this week.

You may or may not know but my own family is screen free and have been for 3 years now, wow! Can’t believe it’s been that long. Molly brings a fresh perspective into living a life with less screens and how to get there.

We’re calling it a Screen Detox. You’ll want to hear this cause….if Molly, mom of FIVE can do it, then there is hope for you, too!

But remember – we’re all in different places when it comes to the amount of screen time we let into our lives so – Judgement free zone here!

Tune in, can’t wait to hear what you think!


My Morning Routine   |   The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch


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