Declutter Your Life

Decluttering is a means to an end… and that is a more abundant life.


This lady is the master of decluttering. She even trademarked the phrase, Declutter Like a Mother! I mean come on, closets beware!!

So, when we finished our chat and I was surprised that we only talked for a few minute on decluttering your home.

Where we really spent time on was decluttering your life. Following the path you were made to walk and cutting out the rest. It was so rich and so inspiring, filled with truth and examples she has walked through!

If you haven’t met Allie Casazza yet it’s my honor to introduce you to her! We met a while back and she intimidated me right off the bat. But most 8s on the Enneagram do that! :)

Join in with me as I continue in the month of June with organizing, simplifying and decluttering!


Marie Kondo   |   Joanna Gaines


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