Date Your Husband

Forever’s a long time to be sad, you might as well have a thriving marriage.

Remembering to be intentional with your husband is something that is, by no means, an easy task.

Kat is a good friend of mine who’s husband is the Director of Breakaway Ministries here at Texas A&M. He recently did a series in front of thousands of college students on dating and used his lovely wife in many examples. I thought it would be nice for her to share her side of the story when it comes to relationships and marriage! :)


Sometimes a rut can come when we start looking at the other person before we look at ourselves. It’s no secret that we have the power to change only one person, our self. If we are looking to change or better the other person we may be veering off track.

Kat gives some great advice on preventing your marriage from coasting into autopilot and pursuing your spouse. Realizing a marriage is not 50/50 but more like 100/100 can be a mindset game changer.


As hard as it may be to arrange sitters or cut coupons or leave your precious little people with sitters, getting away for a night or better yet a little trip keeps connection at the front of your marriage.

On a trip to NYC Kat’s hubby surprised her with 40 intentional questions. What she thought was going to be super corny wound up being the best part of the trip. Make sure you grab the 40 questions HERE!

Make the effort and prioritize time with your husband. Try not to get lost in negative feelings of who’s planning what or who’s taking initiative. Find yourself always looking toward the positive in your spouse as well as the circumstance.


It can be easy to stay distracted and not come up for air when it comes to relationships. We have so many thing vying for our time. Kat talks about her time away from social media and how it’s helped her intentionally pursue more time and more meaningful time with her hubby.

Give yourself the challenge of something similar and start with these 40 questions (provided by Kat’s husband, TA) of intentional time and autopilot prevention!



40 Questions to Get Intentional with Your Hubby   |   Breakaway Ministries


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