Crafting a Day for Creating Margin

Crafting a day to be restored

People respect your boundaries when you tell them you have boundaries.


Creating change and a new life pattern is not something that comes easy.  Otherwise wouldn’t everyone have crafted the exact life rhythm they dream of?   There are circumstances beyond our control and that means we need to be prepared for a tiny bit of a fight when it comes to a life with margin for rest!


This week we discover from Wynne how life can still look peaceful even with a whole (whole) lot going on.  Creating margin, or room, in your life to rest and be restored is a lovely idea and, sure it’s even something we can admit we need.  But crafting the life and taking the steps to implement is a whole other ball game!



A margin day is a whole day set aside for rest.  This doesn’t mean you nap all day (although that would be kinda nice) it means your day has a very specific purpose.  To restore you.


Knowing what sort of things drain you and what sort of things give you life is critical when setting up and protecting your margin day.  A day where busy is cut out and slow living is filled in.


Wynn explains to me how to figure out what would and would not constitute as a margin day in this episode.



Knowing the right balance of learning vs obsession (or even over consumption) means you know what grows you.  


If you’re learning how to pack healthy lunches but you find yourself scrolling Pinterest and getting lost in all the things you’re not doing … are you learning or over consuming?


Growing won’t just happen if you leave it open.  We get lost and totally distracted when we don’t set up boundaries.  



Implementing a margin day takes planning and protection.  If a whole DAY for margin and restoration is too much, pick an hour or a chunk of time.  You can even start by implementing a restful short routine in the morning.


Once you’ve picked your day (or time block) make a list of life givers.  Or download the Unhurried Life Starter kit HERE where I walk you through the process of life giving activities.


Make sure you protect your margin day by sticking to your life givers.  Protection can come from simply telling those around you what you’re doing and why.  


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