Clearing Out the Junk

Clearing out the junk with Priscilla Benavides

I started on a journey to detox, detoxing things, people and negativity.

I’d definitely call myself a morning person, but I’d really, really call myself a breakfast person. Oddly enough, my favorite dinner is breakfast. In fact, we jokingly call it “brinner” in my house. Anytime, I get the chance to enjoy a healthy and totally delish breakfast it helps me start my day out just a little bit better.

We may believe the world when it says that eating healthy is too hard, takes too much time and too much creativity, but Priscilla Benavides shines a light on the truth. Part of living an unhurried life is having a plan and that’s exactly what we talk about when it comes to health and food! With the holidays around the corner having a plan can save us from chaos and busy!

Priscilla is so bold and I love her spirit to take something she loved and turn it into a legit product and business, all while still maintaining a family and healthy life. Cause that’s no walk in the park.


When starting on a journey to a healthier life and a place of rest you may think that it just boils down to diet and exercise, but it’s so much more than that. Unhealthy relationships and negative views of self can weigh heavy on you. To really create a life of calm, you need to detox yourself of all the people and negativity that surround you. Fill your life with people that build you up and support you. Fuel your body with healthy food and exercise and your soul with positive, supportive relationships and self love.


Leading a healthier life is not something we just stumble upon. We are bombarded on a daily basis to eat or do things that are not always in line with our health goals. To be successful in your health journey you need to be intentional with your choices which means it needs to be made a priority. Whether you’re required to change your diet for medical health reasons or as a preventative measure it will take planning and research.

There are TONS of healthy recipes on Pinterest to get you started on cooking healthy food in the kitchen. Even some of your favorite unhealthy recipes could be modified to keep them as an option on your menu rotation. Cooking at home also gives you more control over the food you eat.

When going out to eat with friends or even your hubby, keep a list of places you like that have healthy menu options. This also comes in handy when your husband asks where you want to go you will always have an answer instead of the dreaded “Whatever you want, honey.”


Living a healthy life is done through intention and planning. Once you make it a priority it gets a little easier and eventually becomes second nature. While we’re at it, may I suggest you grab some of Priscilla’s yummy pancake mix as a nice healthy treat for your Saturday morning with the fam?


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