Clear the Chaos + Find Truth with Tracy Steel

What is our true purpose? Simple, love God, love people. Start with the little people you’re changing diapers for!


Talk about walking the walk and talking the talk. I’ll be the first to admit, I can dish it out but I can’t always take it.

I have “great input” but am I always following my own advice?

This week as I chatted with Tracy I felt a twinge of conviction. I felt it about 93 times! She sure knows how to cut right to the center of it all as we talk about believing false labels, finding our purpose, seeking advice and truth and SO much more!

Surrendering expectations is not something that comes easily. It’s something we have to do again and again (especially as a mama). Giving up on mastering the here and now and remembering the long term, the eternal perspective is where the victory is.

Remember friend, life is not a sprint. It’s more of a marathon and the only way to get through our own race is to keep our eyes in our own lane. This concept makes it so easy to say no to overwhelm and fill your life with what is truly important (like for real, important to the big picture).

When you’re making a shift or a change you have to pace yourself. Others you see around you are in different places, they’ve been running longer, shorter, and actually a completely different course!

If you’re in a season of transition or feel like you’re stuck, either way this episode has words for you.

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