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I’m not ‘just’ a mom.

As moms, our number one priority is our kids. We put all our energy into those tiny humans we love so much. But what about ourselves? For instance, I’m a mom but I’m also so much more than that. I’m an educator, author, photographer, and entrepreneur. Even though I am home with my kids 100% of the time, I am still able to be those things because they are important to me.

This week I talk with Allison Kneib, (who also happens to be my childhood babysitter!) who not only co-runs a successful business from home helping other moms find jobs that fit into their mommy lifestyles, but also homeschools her 3 kids.


I can tell you after speaking with Allison, I’m seriously considering homeschooling my son who starts kindergarten this fall. She makes it sound so appealing. The flexible schedules, creative learning possibilities, and one-on-one teaching environment are just some of the perks to homeschool.

The idea of making “school” something my son would enjoy by incorporating things he is interested in sounds so fun! For example, my son is biiiiig into dinosaurs right now. I can think of a ton of dinosaur themed educational tools I could use to help him learn what every other kid his age is expected to learn. By doing this it would make learning fun for him. Major win!

During our chat, Allison mentions that homeschool does not have to mimic public school. Sure the same learning requirements apply but the way it’s taught can totally be your own. No matter what you do your child will learn so you might as well get creative and have fun!


If you’re a mom who homeschools, or has little ones not in school yet, it can be easy to fall into that idea of being “just a mom.” I want you to remember that there’s more to you than being a mom.

While there is definitely nothing wrong with just being a mother to your children, it’s OK to want more and there’s a whole slew of possible work-at-home jobs suitable for mothers no matter the season you’re in. Be sure to check out Business Minded Moms and take their quiz to see what job options are suitable for you.



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