Building a Life of Rest

The most important spaces [in the home] for me are designed for rest…I just need a space where nothing is calling me…an intentional space.


Mentally creating a place to slow down is one thing but actually, physically creating a space is a whole other level.  A level I’m excited to share with you!


This week I sat down to talk to Stephanie Lee about creating intentional spaces in our homes to reflect rest.  And that’s my little unhurried goal this holiday season.  To create a Christmas space that we all feel rested in!



It can be a little too easy to let home become a place of work.  You may even actually work from home, but I mean daily grind. Chores, meals, cleaning, the things that tend to make us tired.


But what if we started with a nook.  Or even just a chair and side table. Finding a spot in your home that is just the way you like it and makes you feel unhurried.

For me this spot is in our living room.  A spot for a candle, my Bible, a lamp and a basket of blankets.  This spot, although not completely private, gives me space to relax and rest.



I loved talking with Stephanie Lee this week about her spot.  Her whole house! The decision to move the family was filled with intention.  The size of the house stayed the same but the idea behind it all was to create rest where they live.


I’m now officially on inspired to do the same!!


But if moving homes is not practical right now (oh, hey real world) start with a spot and create it.  Create a place where you can take a moment to rest. In my Morning Routine episode I emphasize the importance of being strategic with your space for the start of your day but this place is not just for your morning routine.



Stephanie is also the founder of the You Are Conference.  A place designed to include women in all walks of life, inter-generational.  She’s amazing at including people in her home as well as women from all over the world.  And she would loveee to see you there this year (I would totes be going but I think I may be … having a baby that week!!!!)



Head over to instagram and follow me: jenbrazeal and youareconf then on the You Are image on my feed tag 2 friends!  That’s it, you’ll be entered to win a copy of the first annual publication of The Free One and a free ticket to the conference coming up in a few weeks!


Creating an actual space that reflects restoration is such a new idea, but it’s one we can stand behind with a little bit of planning!



You Are Conference

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